I can’t wait to try this on a rainy day – using either red cabbage or white cabbage with the kidney beans     Let’s start by  washing and soaking 1 cup of kidney beans for 2 hrs  in water    Cook the beans for 30 minutes or until tender    Wash and clean 2 lbs of red cabbage    Cut the cabbage into quarters  and simmer in water and 1 Tbsp butter  for 30 minutes or until tender    Combine the cooked and drained cabbage with 2 chopped onions and the cooked kidney beans   Brown 1/2 tsp flour by melting 2 Tbsp butter in a pan and adding the flour    Add 2 Tbsp tomatoe paste – 1/2 tsp sugar    and salt to taste    Mix the cabbage, beans, browned flour and paste together and stew for 7 – 10 minutes or more if needed    Serve the Red Cabbage and Stewed Kidney Beans with boiled potatoes or fried mushrooms    My preference is to try this with the mushrooms and some potatoes    Forget about what everyone says about mixing cabbage and beans