Have you been to a SUBWAY for lunch recently?    Yesterday, I stopped in one for a late lunch and left very happily surprised     Not quite sure what to order I asked the preparer what was a good low calorie lunch    She suggested a chopped salad    For those who have not had one yet, it is really worth a try    They are mixed in a big round bowl and chopped up with a tool that looks like a dual bladed pizza cutter    A regular chopped salad has a handful of spinach, a handful of lettuce, tomatos, green pepper, pickle, cucumber, onions, black olives, sweet peppers, probably some other vegies (according to the shop) and a small handful of cheese    My choice for a dressing was Sweet Onion and it is very tasty    Other dressing are available    Once it is all mixed together, it get’s chopped into small pieces by the dual pizza cutter    Here’s what makes this green salad special    Pick up a small bag of Harvest multi grain cheddar chips    Before you begin to enjoy the salad – crunch up the chedder chips inside the unopened bag    Pour half the bag on top of the salad and mix the multi grain chips in for more flavor and  added crunch    Strap yourself in and discover something new for your tastebuds to experience