Deviled Tapas is a great appetizer or side dish served with an entrée. The recipe was developed from Deviled Eggs and should be served to people who like whole eggs – both the white and the yolk. In this recipe a number of zakuski are used to create a variety. If zakuski is an unfamiliar term, think of it as the things that will make each deviled egg different. For Deviled Tapas – twelve zakuski fillings are prepared. It begins by filling twelve small 3oz cups with zakuski of your choice. My favorites are 1 tsp pickle relish, 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 tsp dill, 3 chopped olives, 1 tsp chopped red pepper, 1/2 chopped scallion, 1 tsp paprika and capers, 1 chopped shrimp, 1 chopped anchovy, 1 tsp smoked salmon 1 tsp crabmeat and 1 tsp Ahi tuna. Other zakusi fillings may be diced tomato, shaved artichokes, scallups, mushrooms, diced ham, chives, hackleback caviar, pancetta, goat cheese or perhaps chili peppers. Refrigerate the zakuski for 20 minutes. Boil 6 eggs by placing them in a pan and covering them with water and bringing the water to a boil. Turn off the heat and let the water and eggs cool. Once cool, shell the eggs and cut them in half. Remove all the yolks and place them in a separate bowl. Whip the yolks into a mixture by adding either 1 Tbsp mayonnaise or 1 Tbsp vegan mayo or 1 tsp butter with 1 Tbsn heavy cream – an optional tsp of mustard may be added if desired. Whip the egg yolk mixture into a paste and spoon 1 tsp of paste into each of the twelve zakuski cups. Mix together and spoon the contents of each 3 oz cup back into the halved egg whites. Garnish the eggs with a small amount of parsley and refrigerate for twenty minutes. The Deviled Tapas should be ready to be served.