Almond meal returns to the recipe mix for this light and puffy desert Something tells me that this is a good time to experiment with soufflés and meringue – while the oven is still warm The almond meal could be mixed with some flour so that it will be available for other recipes – but this Lemon Almond Souffle recipe only uses 3 Tbsp of almond meal – so it may be best to just use the meal Oven should be preheated to 350 F Ceramic ramekins or a pan are greased with 2 tsp coconut oil up to the rim and placed in the refrigerator to be chilled Souffles use egg whites separated from egg yolks Lemon Almond Souffle uses four eggs that have been separated Three egg yolks are whisked together with 3 Tbsp of organic honey – the juice and zest of one lemon and three Tbsp of almond meal in a medium bowl The extra egg yolk is reserved for another use In another bowl – beat four egg whites and 1/4 tsp salt with an electric mixer until stiff peaks form This is the meringue Fold it into the egg yolk mixture with a spatula Fill the muffin pan or ramekins 2/3 full and bake 10 o 12 minutes or until the soufflé becomes puffy and golden brown Remove from the oven and serve each serving is about 110 calories – 5 grams protein – 6 grams total fat – 2 grams saturated fat – 11 grams carbs – 92 mg cholesterol – and 139 mg sodium – with 1 gram fiber and 9 grams sugar I haven’t tried it yet – but hope to this weekend The coconut oil, eggs, honey almond meal and salt are in the kitchen cabinet and refrigerator Must remember to pick up a fresh lemon along with an extra bottle of lemon juice – to have on hand – from the market place