This recipe can use either 2 chipotles or 2 small tomatoes My selection is tomatoes for the weekdays when this smart Southern classic is made and chipotles for a delicious weekend treat In a large saucepan combine 1 1/2 cups of chicken stock or low-sodium broth with the 2 whole chipoltes – 1 small Spanish onion cut in half and a generous pinch of salt and pepper – and bring to a boil Add 2 1/2 lbs of collard greens that have been de-ribbed and the leaves chopped let each batch of collards wilt slightly before adding more collards cover and cook over moderate heat stirring occasionally until the collards are tender – about 25 minutes uncover and continue to cook until the broth is slightly reduced….about 7 minutes….and discard the chipoltes and the onion while this is taking place – in a small saucepan combine the 15 oz can of black-eyed peas (both drained and rinsed) with the remaining 1 cup of stock and bring to a boil simmer over moderate heat for 8 minutes and season with another pinch of salt and pepper using a slotted spoon add the black-eyed peas to the collards and reserve the bean broth for another use add 2 Tbsp of white wine vinegar to the collard greens with yet another pinch of salt and pepper if desired serve with 2 fresh cubed tomatoes on the side the cooked collard greens and black-eyed peas in their broth can be refrigerated separately for up to two days reheat both dishes and continue with the recipe until ready to serve