There are three things that should be avoided in a diet that promotes bone health. They are caffine, salty foods and phosphoric acid. When any of these items become excessive in the diet they work to weaken bone density. This is surprising and you would think an excess of anything would create excess strength in the body it serves. Unfortunately, the body does not work that way. It is much too refined and fine-tuned for something like that to happen. In the case of bones, excessive phosphoric acid displaces and leaches calcium from the bones. Phosphoric acid is a major component of most sodas and if too much soda is consumed, it usually is at the cost of drinks such as almond milk and orange juice or other drinks that contain calcium. Sodium in excess is another problem product when found in very salty foods. The body works very efficiently on less than one teaspoon of sodium per day. The food labels on packaged goods recommend a daily limit of 2,300 milligrams daily. When there is excess the body eliminates salt through the kidneys and may take calcium along with it. It is always better to keep sodium intake below the recommended daily limit. If you are like most people and your calcium intake is inconsistent, coffee may become harmful to good bone health. Drinking 2 or 3 cups of coffee per day may be too much – and may be interfering with calcium absorption. Decaf coffee later in the day may be a consideration after a caffine morning wake-me-up.