Long before the breakfast diet included things such as grain and dairy products other things were eaten in the morning to energize the body. One of these items eaten by primitive bush people were sunflower seeds. Prized for being light weight, easy to store and readily accessible with little preparation for a nutritious early morning breakfast. While some have referred to sunflower seed cereal as culinary cave cuisine, its secret really lies in keeping it basic.

Sunflower seeds are available as a ready to eat processed food in most stores. However, un-shelled sun flower seed stock can also be purchased, roasted and salted at home. The roasting can be done with or without oil and the seeds may be served with or without salt. My preference is to use a light coating of oil on the seeds before they are roasted for a fuller-richer flavor. After 10 to 15 minutes in a pre-heated oven at 375 F, the seeds are usually roasted enough to remove from the oven and still warm enough to add some salt. Let them cool and place in a plastic bag or a jar until ready to serve.

Take a small bowl or a 4 oz cup and fill it with 2 oz of processed (or unprocessed) sunflower seeds. Using a clean small spoon, place a small amount into the mouth and SAVIOR the flavor while chewing. Remember, this is culinary cave cuisine and should be enjoyed with the full appreciation that it was carried to us from primitive cave cultures that are common to so many.