To create a rich and abundant life style – not to mention a healthy one – try cooking  *  It is the most important food skill we have  *   Cooking at home can be faster and cheaper than eating out  *  One of life’s greatest pleasures is cooking a meal at home  *  sharing the meal and celebrating life and real food with family or friends  *    Cooking is a modern activity that we have been doing for thousands of years  *   The ritual – tradition and connection around food are a part of every culture  *  In the time it takes to cook most packaged foods, you can make yourself a simple and delicious healthy meal using real foods  *  You just have to have them available and ready to be made  *  When cooking whole real food – touching it – feeling it – preparing it – and savoring meals made from real ingredients –  we can fully inhabit our kitchen space  *   heal the body  *  connect with friends – family – the Earth  *  and the larger community in which we live  *  Cooking is life’s number one skill and life’s greatest pleasure  *