This is a chiller for a hot afternoon  *   It is very easy to prepare and after chilling it in the refrigerator for a couple hours –  it will be ready to share  *  Let’s start with some dark chocolate – how about enough for four tsp after it is melted in a bowl over boiling water  *   add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil and two tsp of a sweetener (the stevia plant is a good sugar alternative)  *   add two Tbsp of brewed coffee and 1/2 tsp of vanilla extract  *  Take a breath and give the mixture an extra turn  *  Slice an avocado in half and another  *  remove the round ball like pit and scoop the avocado flesh out of the hard skin  *  Take a fork and mash up the avocado  *   now blend the choco-coffee-vanilla mixture with the mashed avocado in a glass bowl  *  cover with plastic wrap and chill in the refrig for two hours  *   It should be ready to serve as a sweet treat  *  really good with an herbal tea  *  hope you get a chance to enjoy it over the Labor Day weekend