Here is a good excuse to try a tasty blend of canola oil and olive oil in a salad  *  Choose two types of beans (a cup of each) to add to a cup of fresh green beans – cut into one inch pieces  *  I like red beans such as kidney beans and cannelloni beans  *  garbanzano beans and red pinto beans work well also  *  Mix the beans together in a medium size mixing bowl and add three Tbsp of canola/olive oil blend *  Dice two shallots into near rice size cuts and add to the mixing bowl  *  Mix it up so that everything gets covered with the specialty oil  *  add three tsp of red wine vinegar  *  and either 1 tsp sugar or 1/2 cup of finely diced apple to tame the vinegar  *  Mix it up again and chill for 45 minutes before serving  *  it goes well plain or with sliced baguette