COMBINE AT LEAST 5 OF THE FOLLOWING  *  collard  mustard  turnip greens  scallions  parsley  watercress  spinach  beet radish  chicory green cabbage  *  Rinse well and coarsely chop  *  place into a large pot with a little water  *  Cover tightly and simmer for 15 minutes  *  Drain reserving liquid and chop finely *  Add a large chopped onion  *  Cook until onion is soft and add some left over ham or smoked sausage  *  Return the chopped greens and reserved liquid along with 2 bay leaves and a sprinkle of cayenne  *  Add 1 tsp of fresh thyme and marjoram and a couple of cloves of garlic  *  add 4 or 5 whole allspice  *  Cover with water and bring to a boil  *  Simmer for one hour and serve  *  a flavorful vegetable green gumbo