What could be better during the heat and humidity of August than something cool – refreshing – mildly sweet – red in color – and melts in your mouth  *  Watermelon Fillets  *  Take a full watermelon and cut it in half  *  Place it on a cutting board with the newly cut flat side down  *  Slice it into two halves and then quarter it  *  Take a quarter and slice it into 1 inch thick triangles  *  Now is best to remove the rind and leave the delicious red core  *  Take each piece and remove any and all pits from the flesh  *  Place on a serving tray  *  Do this for the remaining quarters or for as much as you will need  *  Cover with a plastic wrap and place in the refrigerator until chilled  *  Serve with a plastic knife and fork for a picnic effect  *  Sit back and savior each small bite of summers greatest gift  *  Share a fillet with a friend or two