Recently, I purchased a few too many containers of low-fat plain yogurt  *   many people were asked to help themselves to the free product – but not many were taken  *  So out of necessity home style kifir yogurt came into being  *  In a blender – place three cups of non fat plain yogurt  *  add one cup of sparkling ginger ale  * add two tsp of a flavoring such as strawberry jam or 1/2 cup of fresh fruit such as pineapple or blueberries  *  blend until yogurt is very liquid ( if need be add some more ginger ale so that the home style kifir yogurt pours like a cream)  *  serve right from the blender into tall glasses  *  great to share with friends on hot summer days  *  keep home style kifir yogurt in mind as an accompaniment to hot and spicy dishes  *  It can also  be used as a desert to extinguish some of the fire from too much spice or chile