Here’s a chance to use some household items for something other than cooking  *  Alka Seltzer Rockets can be made by mixing a tablet of alka seltzer with a small amount of water   *  the trick is to do it and create pressure so the rocket will fly  *  an easy rocket can be made from an empty film canister that still has a lid on top  *  cut out three fins from a piece of cardboard and tape them in place just above the closed lid  *  create a capsule by forming a funnel shape with a small piece of paper  *   tape that to the closed end of the canister  *  Fill the canister with 1 cm of water  *  drop an alka seltzer tablet into the water  *  place the lid firmly on the canister and return the rocket to a launch pad with the lid side down and the nose cone on top  * the alka seltzer and water will generate carbon dioxide gas  *  it is within the closed space of the sealed canister  *  as pressure builds the seal of the lid is overcome  *  and the alka seltzer rocket lifts off  *  more fun than just sipping the bubbly after some bad food!