I was recently making a zucchini and raisin bread with the help of my blender  *  In an absent-minded moment – instead of pouring the wet mix in first and the dry mix on top – I made the mistake of putting the brown sugar in first  *  I really thought the blender blades would spin it around with no problem and the wet and dry mix would follow  *  It didn’t happen and the blender immediately burned out  *  I have a thing for electric motors and removed the invention from the blender housing  *  It is truly a scientific invention ( from the experiments of Ampere, Faraday, Sturgeon and Henry) and a work of art  *  Electrified Magnets turn coils and brushes spin a rotor that has the fins that blend the recipes – or something like that  *  Just can’t seem to part with the device  *  the electric motor has been around for a long time  *  It not only does amazing things – it has an amazing design  * I am puzzled that they are thrown away when the blender stops working  *  They really are the essence of the blender and in all probability a fuse or circuit connected to the motor has been interrupted  –  while the electric motor is still working and in good condition  *  I think these electric motors are worth saving and still have a value  *  Your comments as to what to do with the electric motors are welcome and appreciated