Don’t be alarmed – I am only referring to jumbo peeled shrimp with some garlic and Key Limes  *  This recipe may be a good idea for a New Year’s Eve appetizer  *  In a large saute pan on medium heat – add 1/8 cup of olive oil ( some optional butter may be melted in also) and stir  *  add 2 Tbsp of minced garlic and saute for about two minutes  *  Season with one Tbsp of Old Bay and one tsp of crushed red pepper  *  Squeeze 2 or 3 Key Limes into the pan and add the rinds for extra flavor  *  Bring the key lime garlic sauce to to a very light boil and add a bag of jumbo peeled shrimp for the New Year  *  Saute for approximately 2 to 3 minutes until the shrimp are opaque  *  Place the shrimp on a serving plate and skewer each one with a toothpick  *  Now think of a creative way to distribute these tasty Key Lime Kritters  *  Or serve as a main dish with vegetables   *  However you choose – remember to wish good things for the New Year  *  Have a happy 2016!