I would like to send a tribute to something that gives incredible flavor  *  and from what you see in the title – of course I am referring to Key West Limes  *  what flavor they add to anything they are added too  *  Key West Limes have the ability to let your imagination run wild  *  they add more tangy flavor than taste buds can expect on almost any food  *  The obvious is to squeeze some of the flavorful juice on fish  *  it adds a new dimension – and a totally unexpected burst of fragrant citrus flavor  *  but don’t confuse this with regular lemons or limes – they are quite different  *  There small size make them appear to be dried….but their not  * They are small citrus flavor bombs that bring a firework of flavor to food  *  Add some to a salad and stand back  *  or cut one in half and pour the juice into a drink and sit back for a surprise of fresh taste  *   It’s a wild tangy citrus vacation to a sunny distant memory of taste  *  it may remind you of the palate’s first encounter with lemon or lime juice  *  It may be because Key Limes have such a new flavor about them  *  Even the fragrance is a special treat for the senses  *  This is a flavor fruit that wants you to experiment with it  *