A hot dog survey was taken last month and by far – the best all beef hot dogs to be had on this planet are Kirkland All Beef dogs  *  for those not familiar with the Kirkland name – that is the brand of franks sold at Costco  *  This recipe is best when three colors of sweet peppers are used;  green – red – yellow or orange  *  Clean and slice the peppers into thin crescents and set aside  *  add 2 Tbsp of olive oil to a skillet and heat  *  peel and slice an onion into small crests and add to the olive oil  *  add two cloves of garlic  *  add a teaspoon of fresh sliced ginger and the peppers  *  once the onions are translucent-add two Tbsp of marinara sauce for body  *  continue to cook until the peppers soften  *  cut up four Kirkland all beef dogs into dime size pieces and distribute them throughout the pan  *  continue to cook until the franks are warmed on both sides  * continue to stir and remove from the heat when the fragrance peaks  *  serve with rice or if adventuresome serve over mashed potatoes  *  serves two or three people – but tell them in advance that this is a tasty low-budget meal!